The Top 8 Must-Have Construction Management Tools

The Top 8 Construction Management Tools

I recently took stock of the tools I use on a daily basis to manage my projects and tasks with and decided to share them with you. So without further adieu, here they are in no particular order: 1. Construction Master Pro by Calculated Industries This is without a doubt the tool I use most […]

Construction Management Defined

For the intents and purposes of this site, I felt that we needed to define what construction management means to us here at Construction Management Journal (CMJ). In doing so, we help define our audience which allows us to focus our content based on a certain group of people. Otherwise we might get carried away […]

The Road Not Taken

Construction Managers Need A Break Sometimes

What does this have to do with construction management? Everything. Go left or right–it doesn’t matter. Take a break from work–it’s good for your soul.

Why would you want to be in construction management? Seriously, why?

Why Choose Construction Management?

You have to deal with suppliers and subcontractors that never come through with their promises. You have unrealistic deadlines to meet. You have way too many conflicting priorities. You have micro-managing superintendents. You have inspectors that are out to get you. You have owners with unrealistic expectations. You have to travel way too much. So […]

Top Construction Management Schools

Ranking The Top Construction Management Schools It’s difficult to rank the top construction management schools without some kind of metric in which to measure each school against the other. So I decided to rank the top schools for construction management based on their most recent (as of April 2013) performance in a US national competition […]

Find Construction Management Jobs Using Bid Results

Construction Management Jobs It seems like things are picking up in the construction industry. New construction projects are springing up everywhere I look and the suppliers I work with are getting very busy. Chances are that the companies winning these projects are looking for new talent to run the jobs. A good way to find […]

Construction Management Salary: What You Can Expect to Make

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the median annual construction management salary was $83,860 in May of 2010. Additionally according the BLS, the lowest 10% was $50,240, and the highest 10% was $150,000. These salaries take into account all levels of construction managers. Construction Management Salary According to Recent College Graduates According to Purdue […]